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Information for foreign applicants

Information for foreign applicants

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Russian legislation provides people permanently residing abroad with an opportunity of receiving education in the Russian Federation. A wide range of programs offered at Journalism Department are available for international applicants:

  • Bachelor Degree Course (higher vocational education in «Journalism», «TV Broadcasting», «Advertising and PR») – 4 years of training;
  • Master Degree Studies («Journalism» and «Advertising and PR») – 2 years of training;
  • Postgraduate Studies («Journalism») – 3 years of training.

Classes are held in Russian.

Applicants holding Russian citizenship are eligible for state-funded places or general tuition terms valid for the citizens of the Russian Federation entering Journalism Department of Voronezh State University. For details follow the link: http://www.abitur.vsu.ru/.

Foreign Residents Education Reimbursed from Federal Budget Resources

Foreign residents wishing to receive education at Journalism Department (VSU) reimbursed from budget resources, are to apply to Federal Agency for CIS Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperationа (http://rs.gov.ru/ru/contacts), and make an application via the site http://russia.study/. Applicants are to select:

  • Required Level of Education (undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate);
  • Field of Study (Social Studies);
  • General Field of Study (42.00.00 – Mass Media, Information and Library Science);
  • Training Program (42.03.01 – Advertising and PR, 42.03.02 – Journalism or 42.03.04 – TV Broadcasting);
  • Educational Organization (Voronezh State University).

Education for Fee-Paying Foreign Residents

To enroll in Department of Journalism on a contract basis it is necessary to contact Institute of International Education affiliated with Voronezh State University:

http://interedu.vsu.ru/index.php/ru/kontakty and fill out a form by clicking on the link: http://www.vsu.ru/english/study/appform/.

For additional information visit the Institute of International Education the website: http://interedu.vsu.ru/index.php/ru/abiturientam.